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Thanks for being here with me! I'm here to host you while showing you how to make life a little more delicious through easy-to-follow recipes, cleaning hacks, hosting tips, and daily lifestyle. I hope you feel welcome and find inspiration to help you fall more in love with your kitchen, home, and overall life.


Let's get cooking!

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About Nicole Jaques

I was born in NYC, spent my teenage years in Sonoma, California, and now reside in Oregon. In my little corner of the internet, you will find recipes inspired by the people and towns I like most. 


I'm a wife, mom of two, home cook, and avid entertainer. I have developed my own DIY cleaners that are low tox and take pride in having a home that is clean and organized. However, I am human! I like to see dirt under my nails from my garden and my children's handprints on my windows, and I'm one of the messiest cooks you'll ever meet! 


I've learned everything I know about food and entertaining from my grandmother and mother, and I am so lucky that I get to share it all with you. Here's what you can expect to find from me!


Family-Friendly Recipes

My grandmother taught me you could show love through food, and she enjoyed having family at the same table, savoring a meal together. She is my biggest inspiration and is the reason I love to cook and recipe create.


Hosting Tips

Growing up, my mom would throw elaborate and creative parties for her friends – all before Pinterest. She taught me that food is an excuse to gather people together and make memories. She inspires me daily as a woman, wife, mom and hostess!


Cleaning Hacks

My grandmother knew how to clean everything, and I still use all her laundry and cleaning tips today. She said if I were going to cook, then I also needed to know how to get grease stains out of my shirts!



I enjoy sharing all my favorite finds with you – everything from fashion to kitchen tools to cleaning products. If there’s a product I just can’t live without, I will let you know!


My philosophy is that building a life loving food is a life well spent. It is how we fuel ourselves and others we love. We are dependent on it, so why not indulge?

My Daily Mantras

Move your body for someone
who can't.

Do something kind for someone else today.

BYOS: Bring Your Own Sunshine

If you feel no one is clapping for you, I am! 

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